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Mar 9, 2010 at 12:35 PM

What needs to happen to improve this app?

In my opinion, first of all some structural changes and application of common sense design principles. When I started this project, I knew nothing about these, so there's my excuse.

On the technical side this app is in dire need of a multithreading implementation as the UI just hangs now while processing. The UI itself isn't exactly a looker either, some WPF magic might be in order.

About the matcher logic: this needs to be improved to include a rating system of best matches to replace a tile. As of now the first good enough match (within the given threshold) is picked, the tileset is shuffled, and so on.

About the web image finder: the Google Image search part is okay for me, but needs to be extended to include Flickr/Picasa albums, Facebook profile pictures, and hey, why not Bing?


Please share your insights and suggestions on improving this app in this thread.